AACA Maine Mud Run 2012 
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May 12, 2012
Great weather - this tour combined a stop at a high end collection headed to Bonham's auction, then on to Motoropolis in Biddeford
Motoropolis is a classic car galleria under the direction of Tim Steniford chech the out at  www.motoropolis.net
Thanks to Paul Hanson for putting this one together!

1937 Ford


1915 Buick

1915 Buick engine


1941 Lincoln - Sonny's Bullet Car from the Godfather

Arriving at Motoropolis

Parking Lot part 2

Caddy in front of Motoropolis


1957 Studebaker Transtar


Studebaker President

Hudson Hornet

Rambler Super

Studebaker wagon


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