AACA Maine Misc Pics 2012 
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Send us a picture of your car activities this summer and we'll post it here  badgoat@tidewater.net



From Dale Watson - My camper from my Eastport trip

From Dale Watson - 2016 Winter Project

From Dale Watson - Got it running

Ken Clark - 1930 Cord - Driving onto Hershey Show Field 2013

Paul Hanson - 1917 Chevy - On Hershey Show Field 2013

Bob Kinghorn & Frinds 2012

Bob Harp new member riding the ingo bike at Owls Head. (Paul Hanson photo)  2012

Paul& Nellie Hansons 1917 490 Chevy Touring  (Paul Hanson photo) 2012

Charlie Huntington's  new Pontiac (1966 Catalina)  (Paul Hanson photo) 2012











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