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South Bend ATHS Convention 2011

May 20-30, 2011 - page 2

Tues 5/24 I arrive at I-80 Truck Stop in Walcott, IA - World's largest truck stop.  Due to bad weather in South Bend I opt to stay on Wed 5/25 as well.  This page shows the sights there and some of the Museum

"World's Largest Truck Stop"

Iowa 80


Light Display

2nd Display Truck

Mural on 3rd Display Truck

Another View

In Convenience Store


Looking across the parking lot at the Museum

I can always find a Pontiac

1910 Avery

1919 IH

1926 FWD

1936 IH

1962 White

1949 IH KB-11

1949 Brockway

1928 Fageol 130 Flyer 4

1925 Kenworth 3 Ton

1917 Velie 26-B 3.5 Ton

1924 White

1958 Kenworth Bullnose

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