Peter J Truck Move
November 2017 - Page 3

Some of you may be familiar with the "Just Old Trucks" forum and the General Discussion Board is called "Peter J's Place". Peter J had a H-67 Mack that he finished just before he passed away. The truck was in the care of the Forum's moderator, Eddy Lucast, who has since given the truck to a deserving fellow IN MAINE! Some of you may know John Costley who is getting the truck.  Clayton Hoak and Charlie Huntington retrieved the truck from CT along with Help from Eddy and Ken Ochenkowski on the CT end. From there it went to Mike Hannigan 's shop where it will be stored/tinkered on. The matching trailer was unloaded in Wiscasset at the I&S Insulation


This page is the unloading phase at Mike Hannigan's


Early AM Start

Working the Tounge

Ramp Truck in Position

Ready to Transfer

On the Ramp Truck

Supervisory Crew

At Mike's

Looking for Reverse

In the New Truck

On the Ground


Mack Firetruck


Unique Trailer Shack

Mack H-67

Mack H-67

Peter J

Hood Ornament

The Crew

John C & Peter J

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