Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles
Boyertown, PA  August 25, 2022  page 1
Visited on my 1999 Trans Am retrieval trip - another great one!

They specialize in Boyertown Body Vehicles as well as Pennsylvania Built Vehicles

Their website is here

1921 Shell Station - not a reproduction!

1928 Chevy & Fry 5 Gal Pump


1902 Studebaker - Electric Delivery Carriage - Suburb Reproduction

1938 Reading Diner

Diner Counter

Far End

Can Display

1915 Hahn


1947 Ford

Pontiac Hood Ornaments

Licence Plate Display

Bumper Car

Whip Car

Up to the Buggy Factory


Blacksmith Shop

Fancy Buggies

Machine Shop

1976 Fairmont Park Trolley

1924 Model T

1915 CT Electric Bus

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