Pontiac, IL - Pontiac Museum  - Route 66 to St Charles
July 16-17, 2012 - Page 3
These pages start on Monday July 16 when we arrive in Pontiac, Il.  Before we left the hotel, we were adopted by the Grand Prix Chapter.  We cruised into town and had a wonderful  dinner.  The next day we made our way back into downtown, toured the Pontiac Oakland Museum, checked out the sites in downdown Pontiac, then cruised to St. Charles along historic RT 66.
Pages 2&3 - Downtown Pontiac, IL

Info Bus

Info Bus Interior

Pontiac Repair

Daniels Oil Co

Roszell's Soda Fountain

Rt 66 Museum - Red Crown Thermometer

Rt 66 Museum

Radio Station

40's Kitchen

40's Bedroom

War Museum

Local Truck

Rt 66


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