July 2011 - POCI 

July 5-9, 2011 - page 2

Annual convention in Bowling Green,KY - This page is Snowman's Truck & the Bandit's Cars

Snowman's Rig, Burt Reynolds' TA, Sherrif Car, & Charlie's 77 TA

TA and Mural

77 TA, 80 TA, Kenworth

Rose in the Scene

KW A-100

Is it Burt or Charlie?

Sherrif Ready to Pull Out

Stuffed Fred

Load of Coors

Tribute Poster

Other Poster

Snowman's Gear

Year One TA

TA 7.0 Motor

Three 77's

Burt owned this 1980 4.9 Turbor for 11 Years

Hal Needham shows up

Buford T. Justice

Hal Pleads His Case

Snowman Shows Up

Hal Signing the Trailer

End of Story Bonneville

Yew Sumbitch

Charlie & His New Friend Hal

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