Rose's Firebird Restoration - page 3



OK shamed myself into more disassembly - glass & interior gone 1-31-99


Interior going away - dash parts next. Decided that the car will be completely stripped and flipped to do the underside. 1-31-99


Anyone got boxes? Upcoming task is to get this sorted and stored 1-31-99


Dash stripped out 2/8/99


Front and rear end removed 2/14/99


Sorry for the window glare. Side view of front & rear end removed 2/15/99


Up & Away. She's up on Brian Wentworth's excellent rotisserie. 2/20/99


Left door corner - look no more hole 2/20/99


Subframe stripped 2/22/99


Here's all the front end parts - just when you thought the disassembly was done! 2/22/99


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