Detailing 68 firebird from First Gen Firebird e-mail list member  "Old Joe" Geigel
Detail Paint PPG DP90LF on topcoat 60 degree cheap black 80 degree frame paint Notes 1 and 1.a. 90 degree black gloss Stainless Paint Seymour Aerosol Cast Blast Seymour Aerosol Clear Glisten made by POR15 Note 2 SEM grey primer for plastic bumpers  Seymour High Temp Cast Blast Aerosol
Brake master cylinder           Or black      
Rad core support braces (2) and core support X                
wiper motor       X          
spring perch     X            
Subframe and all front mts     X            
Gas tank strap     X            
Firewall     X            
Drive shaft         On steel shaft On cast ends      
Rearend Notes 3 and 3.a.   backside     Tubes / Back plates Pumpkin      
Floorpans   Tinted with green  and some body overspray              
Shocks               X  
Starter   with overspray on snout              
Tie rod ends and spindles         Or Glisten   OR stainless paint    
Center link           Or Glisten Or cast blast    
Tie rod connector sleeve     X            
Tranny inspection cover     X            
Cross member / cont arms     X            
Fender wells both sides     X            
Steering Box     X            
Pitman arm           X      
Control Arms     X            
Front Springs           Or glisten or semi gloss black Or semi gloss black    
Swaybar clamp         Or Clear or black   Or Stainless    
Front Brake Calipers                 Or high temp flat black
Plating Zinc Di-chromate Gray Phosphate              
Brake Booster X                
Hood latch (outside)   X              
Rear Springs   X              
Notes: 1.)  Black paint with gloss reducer is PPG Urethane with flatener (Concept or Global).  PPG rep recommends VW black
1.a.)  Actual original GM paint has a milky blue/ green tint.  I will have custom mixed to match original black piece
2.)  POR15 Glisten is a clear metal sealing product and is preferred to keep the exact original appearance
3.)  Originally, rearend was only painted from behind after assembly.  Front side not painted at all
3.a.)  Duplicating original look requires painting pumpkin, tubes, backing plates and then painting backside with black