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NOS Fenders
These are all rears.  $250 plus shipping
1937 #500481 left
1939 model 25 left #501907
1941 24/29 series right #505057
1941 24/29 series left
39-40 model 26/28 left #1309157
1940 model 29 #1394998
Charlie Huntington - 207-563-5824
For Sale
1928 Pontiac Instrument Cluster (See Illustration) $150.00 
Excellant condition, found in 26 Coupe I purchase.
Call Jim Martin @ 717-940-0529 or e-mail 
Wanted, ignition switch and complete trunk lock mechanism for 1926 Pontiac 6640D Landau Coupe.  
Call Jim Martin @ 717-940-0529 or e-mail 
Good solid deck lid handle from a 1938 convertible ($40) and a good door
handle (no lock) ($10).
Bob Shafto
Falmouth, ME
207-878-8933 (07/04)


Wanted: 2-carb intake manifold, prefer Edmunds, for '39 through '54 Pontiac six. Sterling W. Hubbard (06/04)



Wanted: Hubcaps for 1930-1931 Pontiac with WOOD wheels.

Kenny Roach 757-485-9889 (e-mail) (01/04)


I have a bunch of 1935-36 extra "cores" that I would be glad to give to anyone that needs one for rebuilding. Here's what I've got: 3 waterpumps 2 brake master cylinders 3 fuel pumps

You pay shipping.
Bob Shafto
Falmouth, ME






1930 Pontiac mod. 30-30301,

2-dr sedan, drive train & chassis done, wood wheels, needs completion, $4,500. Steve Brown, 66 Central Pike, Foster, RI 02825. Phone (401) 647-2737. (mar)




1951 Pontiac Chieftain straight 8 engine with trans

mission, both in good cond-ition $500 obo. call Tony

Czarzasty, 307 Rancocus Ave.

Riverside, NJ 08075 Phone

(856) 461-7107 (apr)


NOS fenders, 1931 r.f. $350;

1938 l.f. 501246 $450; 1940 l.f. 503661 $450; 1940 Rt R. #604628 $350; 1940 hood $100

1931 transmission $100. Part

-ing, 1940 2527B coupe, 1940-2019 4-dr sed. Steve Brown, 66 Central Pike, Foster, RI 02825. Phone

(401) 647-2737. (mar)


NORS PONTIAC ILLUMINATED HOOD ORNAMENT INSERTS made with UV protection,last much longer than originals, 1949, 1950, 1953, 1955, (2 each. $75 each. NOS Carter carb WCD for Pontiacs w/standard trans. $125. NOS low & re-verse gear with sliding sleeve, fits Pont 49-54, NOS, trans. main shaft gear fits Pont. 49-54 w/ standard trans. all trans. parts $300

Bezel & retainer part 517597, fits '54 models 2511, 37, 67, and 69 models, exc. cond. could be NOS,minor shelf wear. Unused pair right side door lock assemblies, Pont & GMC, $40. Rebuilt 54 power brake master cylinder w/NOS spare rebuild kit plus new power brake pedal & steering col-umn bracket, $200; NOS Guide traffic light viewer with one straight mounting brack-et and one angled good used bracket, $150; NORS Pontiac gray glovebox replacements for following years, 49, 53-54, $25 ea; 41-54 gas pedal with mounting pin & plate, very nice, $25; one set of small Pontiac hubcaps, believed to fit '51 with red centers & Pontiac script. Very nice with one spare good cond. cap, all $150; Two '54 Pont. showroom cat-alogs approx 13-1/2 x 9 3/4, both good or better, 78 pgs, $300 ea; One approx 6x8 4-pg brochure feat. Bonneville Special and Strato Streak for '54, exc. color and condition, $30; Two foldout

posters featuring ll Pont accessories for '54, $25. One 11x14 8-pg fold-out brochure, color, "The New 1954 Pontiac, a General Motors Masterpiece" color, v.g. $30; One '54 Pont radio w/spkr, close to NOS as I have ever seen, worked great when removed from car, $250; For light items I ship 1st class, heavier & bulky by UPS ground at my expense. Ed Orr, 6925 E. 2nd Place, Lynden, WA 98264.Cell (206) 419-3517 or email

V V (mar)










1934-54 Muffler,NORS $55;

1935-54 standard trans gears, syncro drums, etc.inquire. '37-38 front shock absorbers $250/pr; 1937-38-39 P6; 1937-38 P8 carburetors, rebuilt, specify, $75; 1037-38 upper outer, and '37-54 lower outer control arm pivot pins, NORS, specify

$25 ea; 1939 model 25 rt. windshield wiper trans-mission with washers, $75

1937-39, 1940-54 front motor mounts, specify, NORS, $20; 1939-42 clutch throwout bearing, NORS, $30; 1939-54 outer tie rod end, $20; 1940 models 2511, 2519 trunk hinges, NORS, $60/pr; 1940 front bumper guards $75/pr; 1940-54 left or right front steering knuckle, spindle, $40; 1941 models 25-27 or 26-28 rocker panel moldings, specify, $75 ea; 1949-50, '53 2-dr cars, left rear rocker panel moldings, specify, $75 ea. 1949-54 headlight switch, $30; 1953 hood streak molding, $125.

Parts NOS except as noted

Add 15%, $4.00 minimum postage. Have trim, mech-anical 1934-up. Send SASE

and model number for list

Bob Graves, 56 Dartmouth St., Lynn, MASS 01904. Phone (781) 593-9534 eve.

(perm 6/03)


Pontiac Parts & accessories

Large inventory of NOS parts

mostly 1935-1968, chrome, sheet metal, engine, trans-mission, front and rear sus-pension, exhaust, brakes, electrical, shop manuals, parts books, repro parts. etc. Send style number (on firewall), a specific wants list and a SASE for a fast reply. Kurt Kelsey, 14083 "P" Ave., Iowa Falls, IA 50126. Phone (641-648-9086

(perm 7/03)



1938-59 Pontiac Parts cars.

Have over 100 parting out. Also have some NOS parts in stock. Sell complete cars for restoring. Gaylord Rachels, 20856 Iverson Lake Rd, Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Phone/Fax (218) 736-2622,


(perm 7/03)




'26-'34 Pontiac and Oakland

reproduction radiator caps plus many other parts including 1926 Pont. inside handles, 28-29-31 inside and outside door handles, win-dow cranks, bumper medall-ions, dash knobs w/cables, crank hole covers, fender, bumper and running board step plates, robe rail parts

etc. '29 Oakland parts as above plus vent door handles

All parts made to order and ready to bolt on. We've made parts that no one else will touch. Call us if you have casting needs. Rich & Kathy Rose, Rose Reproductions, Denver. (303) 287-2309.

(perm 6/03)


Radio Restorations: Renewal

of your 30's-50's Pontiac radio by "The Old Radio Guy

with 50-plus years of elec-tronic experience. After-market radios gladly accept-ed. "Wonder-Bar" inquiries encouraged. Every effort is made to put your radio back as it was originally.

Vibrators are not replaced unless necessary. Estimates given at your request. You pay freight on all returns. Work and materials warranted for one year. Call, write or e-mail me for instructions on shipping. Harold Rushing, 202 Kenrick Dr., Columbia, IL 62236. Phone before 9 pm

Central time, (618) 281-8377 e-mail

(perm 7/03)