June 2001

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Tri County Street Rods (2001)

Penquis Cruisers (2001)

Country Classic Car Club (2001)

Highway Legends (2001)

Classic Chevy’s of Maine (2001)

Cumberland Motor Club (2001)

Central Maine Street Rods (2001)

Knucklebusters (2001)

GTO Association of Maine (2001)

David Trask (2001)

Owl’s Head Transportation Museum (2000)

Western Maine Street Rods (2000)

Springfield Fair Association (2001)

Shades of the Past (1999)

Downeast Sports Car Club (1998)


We were honored to be able to meet in the renovated library at Owl's Head Transportation Museum. Unfortunately I scheduled the meeting in the middle of a long weekend so attendance could have been better. Those that were there more then made up for it in enthusiasm and participation. The big issues that were worked on were the mission statement and the tasks required to keep MAAC going - Read on….



The Mission of the Maine Association of Auto Clubs is to serve as a source of information to promote the automotive hobby for all Maine Auto Clubs. This is accomplished by, but not limited to, the following methods:

Car Show and Cruise Night Calendars

Maine Car Club List



Promotion of Articles in Member's Newsletters



These are the tasks that MAAC needs to have done. Please help support MAAC by volunteering to do one of these or solicit a volunteer from your club:

Newsletter - Charlie Huntington - GTO Association of Maine

Treasurer - Susan Worcester - Penquis Cruisers

Website - Charlie Huntington - GTO Association of Maine

Chairperson - THIS COULD BE YOU - Charlie Huntington - GTO Association of Maine

Calendar - Fred Worcester - Penquis Cruisers

Renewals/ New Membership Drive - Susan Worcester - Penquis Cruisers

Update MAAC member club info - OPEN

Maintain/ Expand Maine Auto Club list - OPEN

SEMA contact - OPEN

Annual Event - Dave Spicer - Knucklebusters (brochures) Susan Worcester - Penquis Cruisers

For those open items we'd love to hear from someone from your club!!





Along the theme of the mission statement we'd like to see MAAC information passed along in your newsletters. This can be the calendar, legislative information, or anything else you can use. Feel free to use the newsletter info of anything from the website. Try to credit MAAC but the main thing is to get info beneficial to the hobby in everyone's hands.

Got info that pertains to the automotive hobby in general? Share it with us, we'll pass it on!

Let me know the best way to get information to your club's newsletter editor - snail mail, e-mail, or ????

OWL’S HEAD 50’s and 60’s

Awesome event! This is the one and only MAAC Annual Event. This has been OHTM’s #1 draw for many years. Every year brings a new attendance record.. The MAAC table will be staffed with MAAC info and Calendars thanks to Volunteers Dave (and I'm sure Carol) Spicer. The brochures are being prepared as we speak (type) by Susan Worcester.

It all happens Sunday July 8. Be there or be Square!!



Not Fred's good lookin' version but it's filled with the same great info. Send us your show dates ASAP.


Please fill out and return the attached club info sheet. This data is used to update the Maine Car Clubs List as well as the MAAC member list. This will help us direct information and new members to your club


For the member clubs who don’t have a "2001" next to your name your dues are due. Support the spread of auto information in Maine by supporting MAAC. Dues are only $10. Send them in to Susan ASAP!! Thanks!!

Susan Worcester

PO 717

Brownville, ME 04414






Attached is a list of Maine Car Clubs. We've compiled this as a service for the clubs and members of the hobby community to put them in touch. It's posted on the website. Help support this effort by sending in any additions/updates that you know of.





Let's sum it up:

  1. Get your club some credit by volunteering for one of the open jobs on the Task List. It's not too hard - remember many hands make light work.
  2. Fill out and return the Club Info Sheet.
  3. Pass on the MAAC Info in your club's newsletter
  4. Pay your dues if they're due!!
  5. See You at the 50's and 60's weekend!!!

Happy Motoring!!!!