Pine Tree Chapter ATHS (American Truck Historical Society)
Chock Block Project  - Weeks 1&2 - 01/22/2012 - 01/29/2012
From John Ellingwood our leader (Block Head #1?)
We had an incredible weekend at the Hillcrest Farm Shop in Windham. Attendance was a little higher than last week with 13 members ready to work. A few of us got there a little earlier than expected and helped get work stations set up. After a brief meeting we got started. I am not exactly sure what happened. I walked out of the shop for a minute. When I came back in the sawdust and blocks were flying.
Wayne Devoe, and Jamie Mason helped Clayton Hoak do some routing. The boards were then handed off to a pair of miter saws. John Ellingwood Sr. sawed as fast as Charlie Huntington could feed him the wood. Rowland Turgeon was on the other end catching blocks. Dick Brown of Hannaford Trucking packed the blocks into Banana Boxes that his company had donated.
Lars Ohman manned the other saw (reportedly a Christmas Gift) as Steve Marshall caught the blocks and Don Munsey packed those.
 The only thing that stopped production was the diminished wood supply.
Tammy Devoe made a run for some ear plugs and Safety glasses for current and future workshops. Diane Savage was on hand as well to keep us all in line.
Dick Brown brought some donuts to go along with the coffee and water that was on hand. Somehow some Bananas slipped in. I am not sure who brought these but they were certainly appreciated by a few. Great Idea whoever it was.
As for me, I can't say that I really did much. I just stayed out of the way for the most part. It is so great seeing everyone work together and get this project done
We had what I feel was a pretty encouraging day in Windham. 9 members were in attendance to discuss the project concerns, probably of which the biggest was money. Adam Libby got an early start to take the chill off in the shop with a waste oil furnace. Tools are on hand and at the ready as well as willing hands to use them.
At this point the project is leaning towards a laser engraved block although Lars is going to check out another viable and possibly cheaper option and hopefully have some answers by next Sunday. We have picked a size and design based on some laser engraved samples done by the Trophy Warehouse of New England on Ocean Ave in Portland.
Laser Engraving is going to run to the tune of $3000 for 1000 blocks. This price was negotiated down from $7.50 per block. Lumber is expected to run no more than $500. With materials involved we can safely assume this is a $4000 project. (No more, Maybe a little less)
This undoubtedly is a hard pill to swallow for a little truck club in Maine. Wayne Devoe brought up business sponsors. His employer D & C oil has donated $250 to the project. The Green Mountain Chapter led by President Roger Martin has donated $350. These donations come within 24 hours of our first workshop with several weeks to go. I think we can pull this off easier than we may have thought. These donations are on the high end of what I expect ( Higher actually ) There is no standard donation expected as we have already received donations ranging from $1.00 to $350. Whatever someone can give is appreciated. Donation or not, Take the opportunity to let these businesses know about the 2012 ATHS Convention and Truck Show
In order to keep from 3 different members soliciting the same company we will need to come up with a plan.
Currently the following members are checking with these businesses and ATHS Chapters. Please let me know of every contact made (Donation or not) so we can keep track.
John Ellingwood Sr.
Atlantic Great Dane
Hutchins Trucking
Kris-Way Truck Leasing
Steve Marshall
Emery Mills Energy
Wayne Devoe
Nutmeg Chapter in Connecticut
Skip Mckean Petroleum Transport
John Ellingwood Jr
Perry Transport
Milton Caterpillar
Rumor has it Hannaford Trucking may be supplying Donuts at the next workshop. They have already given enough Banana Boxes to pack all of the blocks, Water and coffee for workshop sessions. If you see a Hannaford Trucking driver on the road please say Hello and Thank them.
In the meantime there is an ongoing discussion of the workshop on the ATHS discussion forum
See you on Sunday

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