President’s Message

The season has started. Approximately 45 members and guests braved the snow and cold to participate in the 2010 Spring Stretch at Stanley and Elizabeth Young’s in Cardville. The reality is, if you drove north to get to the Spring Stretch you drove out of the snow about Newport; and although a little chilly it certainly was not cold as has been experienced at numerous other gatherings.

Participants spent the part of the morning wandering through the Stanley’s garage, memorabilia trailer and back forty looking at his collection of Dodge and Mack trucks- some complete – some not, toys and collectibles.

Before lunch the group headed into Milford to see a private collection of vehicles, boats, outboards, and snow sleds in a non-descript building along the highway. Owner Tom Thornton has set the building up to display a dozen or so antique and vintage cars (20’s -60’s), a similar number of boats and canoes, a large number of outboards, and a service station. Many of the items had historical ties to Old Town and the Old Town Canoe Company. We stopped at a second building of Tom Thornton’s while heading back to the Young’s. It too had a varied assortment of vehicles, boats, outboards and snow sleds. It was obvious both Jeeps and VW Beetles are near and dear to Tom.

Back at the Young homestead we shared a wonderful pot luck lunch and continued wandering, discussing, and, in Bob Stackpole’s case, calculating how to pull a 4-5 cubic yard concrete mixer off of Stanley’s 40’s Sterling mixer truck.

As noted in the last Shop Manual Stanley had several trucks and pieces of equipment for sale. I’m not sure if he sold anything the April 17th, however I do know of a couple of individuals interested in one or more items.

A Chapter thank you to Stanley and Elizabeth for offering their home for the 2010 Spring Stretch. We appreciate them hosting the event.

Paula and Higmo have laid out the 2010 Spring Tour Itinerary for the weekend of May 22nd -23rd. The Spring Tour is just over three weeks away. It has been several years since we toured in western Maine and they have scheduled several stops we have never visited. Hope to see everyone there


The location of the Late Fall Get Together is still up in the air. One member has offered to host however wishes to be the fall back location if another location isn’t found. We are interest in a southern/ western Maine location if possible. Please give hosting some consideration if you have some space, a small collection or place for a short tour, and power for 6-10 crock pots.

Lastly this Saturday is the Antique Express’s Annual Open House in Searsmont. This is always a fun event. Until next time…..


From the Workbench

By Peter Mullin

Another month gone by and the snowbirds continue to head north in droves. Nancy’s parents got back a couple of weeks ago and my grandparents get back the end of this week. 6 weeks shy of his 90th my grandfather still insists on driving their 43’ tandem axle diesel pusher motorhome back from Florida without assistance and with a 16+ foot Cadillac SUV on a tow dolly behind it (total combined length about 63’). He has definitely made more trips to Florida and back than I could ever hope to duplicate (or would have the desire to try). He has done the trip in everything from a sleeper cab L-200 to a 1980 Impala wagon, his own airplane and for the last 15 years or so in an ever increasing assortment of RV’s. All that considered, I really do wish he would accept some help with the driving chores from some of us younger members of the family.

My grandparents’ pending return means I need to retrieve my ’66 Chevy pickup and ’73 Corvette (still for sale) and return them to our house for the summer. In anticipation of this I have been working on rearranging the clutter in my garage to make room to get at least one of them under cover. It’s amazing how much more appealing it is to go out and work in the garage when I can find my tools and not trip over everything.

By all reports the Spring Stretch was a resounding success. Apparently the Greater Greenbush area was the sole dry spot in Maine that weekend. Unfortunately Nancy and I were unable to attend but I am sure others that were in attendance will report on the activities. Reports out of Sabattus have our resident "Ramblings" man on a two-week coast to coast journey with members of the Gushee Heavy Hauling and Wayward Iron Retrieval crew. I am sure he will regale us with tall tales from the road upon his return. Hope to see you on the Spring Tour in just a few weeks – hmm better see if what of my iron is ready to go.

Welcome New Members

The Chapter welcomes new member David Michaud of Winthrop, Maine. We hope to see you and your families at a Chapter event soon.


Substitute Ramblings

Not By Lars Ohman

Apparently Mr. Ohman is on his maiden voyage with a new employer. As stated by Editor Mullin - "LPO is out of town for two weeks on some sort of cross country expedition with the Gushee Heavy Hauling and Wayward Iron Retrieval crew."

We know Lars can tell that story, whatever it may be, much better than either Peter or I can so we are going to again replicate some back issues of the Newsletter for interesting things that some of our newer members might not be aware of, and as a reminder to us old timers of good times we have had in the past.

From Jan-Feb 1998 Ramblings:

"One rumor: (got to get at least one in!) The fine gentleman from Chebeague has been wintering on the island (when the lights went out , he thought he had forgot to pay CMP and never gave it another thought!). He has been dubbing on a Silver King tractor (it fits in the wood shed near the stove, don’t ya know) most of the winter and not paying attention to school. Somebody (an island person) came and repossessed the sawmill of Thick-N-Thin Lumber! Don has re-re-retired from Brunswick Transportation - the sawmill is in other’s hands now and he has his Silver King tractor with a Palmer Marine Engine Manifold on it - he’s looking for the correct manifold for the 4 cylinder Hercules engine - but water cooled exhaust is better than none at all and for now."

(Asst. Ed.’s note: For those not in the know the fine gentleman from Chebeague is now the fine gentleman from Dresden - Director Emeritus Don Munsey.)

From George Sprowl’s April 1999 President’s Message :

Old truck nuts plan tour in midcoast Maine

"The details of the spring tour got a little change this week. It seems that Thomas College and Unity College have graduations and the Elks are planning a convention the same weekend we are touring. This leaves no room at the inn, and they won’t take us at the stable. Being no motels in Waterville with enough rooms for us I made some changes to the tour plan and found us a place in Belfast."

(Asst. Ed.’s note: Last minute changes to Chapter tours are not new; and are seldom bad.)

From April 1999 Ramblings: One Leaves - One Arrives

"Stanley 'Log Dog' Young up Costigan way recently parted company with his 600 (or more) horsepower Mack Superliner after over one-half million miles of flawless service. He was tinkering with retirement, and decided the 'ol LJ Mack would be enough to play with. After hauling a complete rock crusher home from New York state in the middle of the winter with the LJ, I'd want to sit home for a spell. Not Stan, he is right back at it again hauling structural steel to and from a Boothbay fabrication shop. Some just don't know when to say "enough"."

"Now , Stan calls and tells me he has "acquired" an International KB-12 tractor (vintage 1946-48) and wants to use the 220 Cummins out of his Dodge, (1998 Fall Tour lead vehicle, to replace the humongus Continental 6602 gas gobbler currently in the KB-12. This KB is supposed to be among the better preserved - non restored - older "stock" KB-12's in existence, even the inside of the cab is orange. He claims the cab is big enough for him, the Mrs., and dog Burt, as long as Burt does not turn his head. I've driven a home-converted K-8 with a D-4 Cat Diesel in it (some of the pony motor was in the cab) and it was pretty close quarters. If the 220 Cummins turns out to be too much of a conversion, Stan might entertain a 6 cylinder Mack 237 Maxidyne with a 6 speed should you have one laying around in the backyard. More on this conversion I'm sure. Stan - did this KB-12 come from Mars Hill by chance?"

(Asst. Ed.’s notes: The 'ol LJ Mack has since moved on to a new home, and the KB-12’s humongus Continental 6602 gas gobbler was actually a humongus Continental 6572 gas gobbler. I tried to swap a low mileage Honda ST1100 touring bike for Stanley’s KB-12 before he repowered it with a Mack engine. There was no swap.)

From George Sprowl’s May-June 1999 President’s Message :

Another spring tour is now history. The weather was perfect and I hope a good time

was had by all that attended. I know Shirley, Brandon, and I all had fun. The old Model

AA made the whole run without being loaded onto a trailer, that’s good. However I did

notice that it gets it’s picture taken a lot more when it breaks down. I’ll give the shutter-

bugs another chance in the fall. I didn’t have much success getting the long convoy broke

up but no traffic problems were encountered so we were lucky again. I’m going to keep

harping on the subject.

(Editor’s note: George – another chance to break up a long convoy in three weeks- LOL)

Dues Notices

Last newsletter we noted those with unpaid dues would dropped from the Chapter membership list when the fourth newsletter is published in late May/ early June. We have rethought this position and will be sending letters to those in arrears in the next month or so. If you are not current with your 2010 dues please contact Paula or Higmo as soon as possible to minimize our work in sending Dues Notices out. Please note ATHS membership is required to be a Chapter member.

Thank You

The Chapter would also like to thank Dick Alexander for a generous donation to offset the newsletter mailing cost of his ¾ Century Club membership.

The Chapter would also like to thank Stanley and Elizabeth Young for donating coffee, cold drinks, condiments and paper goods to the Chapter’s Spring Stretch event. Also a thank you to the attendees who brought pot luck lunch and desert items to share.

Itinerary For Spring Tour 2010

Pine Tree Chapter

Saturday May 22

8:00 AM- Meet at Brettuns Variety, Corner of Rt 4 & 108 in Livermore for coffee and donuts sponsored by Higmo’s. (Ladies they have stuff!!)

9:00 AM- Travel to the Canton Historical Society via Rt 108 for an ETA of about 9:30.

10:ish AM- Depart for Irving in Dixfield on the Hall’s Hill Road and a drive through tour of their Saw Mill Yard. Cory Richardson, Irving Rep, will be there to escort us and we will gather just outside the gate for conversation.

11:30 -1:00 Lunch at Towle’s Corner Store…36 Main Street Dixfield. Also within walking distance is the Dixfield Historical Society and Tool Museum and they are excited for us to come and visit. And there is an Antique Shop and Donna’s Gift Emporium all in the same area.

1:00 Travel North on Rt 2 through Mexico to Rumford with scenic views of the New Page paper mill

1:30 Arrive at Premium Specialty Hardwoods Rt 2 Rumford. Home of the Maine Artisans Gallery,in which we will see them at work on their crafts, Wood Workers Paradise and other various things.

3:ish Depart for our lodging

6:00 Dinner at the Chicken Coop Rt 2 Mexico-Dining room space has been reserved and we can order off the menu

Sunday May 23

8:00 AM Meet at the Wal*Mart Parking lot Rt 2 Mexico

9:00 AM Depart for Northwest Precision Machine Shop Lowell Rd off Rt 2 in Rumford for a tour of their facility.

10:30 Next stop TBD

11:30 or so travel up Rt 2 to Sunday River Rd in Newry for a picnic lunch at Sunday River Covered Bridge

Hotel Options

Linnell Hotel - 986 Prospect Ave Rumford Me. 04276, 207-364-4511.They have blocked off rooms for us. If you call mention Pine Tree Chapter and you will get 15% off your room rate. Tom is the contact person. Room Rates are $55.00 - $89.00

Blue Iris Motor Inn - 1405 Rt 2 Rumford Center 04276, 207-364-4495 Room Rates $70.00 - $95.00. No discount offered.

Route 2 Diner is a family restaurant and a great place for Sunday morning breakfast for anyone that chooses to go.

Chapter Bulletin Board

For Sale: 1971 Chevrolet C -60 Cab & Chassis, Exterior restored and fresh paint. Interior needs seat re-done. 366 C. I. V- 8 engine, 5 speed main, 2 speed Eaton rear end. 9:00x20 on disc wheels, Hydrovac working brakes, drum emergency brakes. Just about everything is in working order. Will take a dump or short rack type body. Contact: Carl Reilly, New Harbor, ME (207) 350 -7695 Price- BRO or interesting trades. "Drive 'er home, and show or work it this summer." 

For Sale: 1973 Chevrolet Corvette, L-82 hi-perf 350, 4-spd, t-top coupe, low miles numbers matching car. Contact: Peter Mullin (207) 767-6080 or e-mail

Wanted: Spicer 8031 or 8341 auxiliary transmissions; similar high torque 3 or 4 speed auxiliaries considered; needed to convert road tractors to roadable field (farm) trucks. Contact Evan Grass, M.E. Grass & Sons, Inc., Mars Hill @ 1-800-564-5451

For Sale: 1965 Ford F850 Marmon-Herrington Four Wheel Drive Conversion. Restored, painted, top engine rebuild on the 477 Ford engine. Really nice truck which attracts lots of attention. $8,500.00 Contact: Jon R. Doyle @ 207-242-7414

or email:

Wanted: Leads on location of a GMC 9500, Steel Tilt or Crackerbox with the GMC 637 V-8 gasoline engine. The engine was introduced in 1966 and produced as late as 1976. It was the GMC 478 V-6 with two added cylinders. Contact Mario Carrier in Farmington @ 207-557-0310.

Wanted: Antique cars & trucks to repair. Many years experience. AJ's Inspection Station, 709 Old Post Road, Bowdoinham, Maine. Contact Arthur Johnson at 207-666-8787 or

For Sale: 1965 DUROBILT 6 car carrier trailer converted to 3truck transport, w/ratchet tie downs, good tires & Brakes, beaver tail – easy load - Must go $1500.00 OBO Contact: Jan 802-263-5458 or

For Sale: 1952 CHEV 3800 (1 ton), 4 X 4, S&P Dump, 366 Big Block, 4 Spd, 4 Barrel, leather buckets, stereo, custom interior, carpeted floor moon roof, 5 window cab, power right window, runs great - $8500.00 OBO Contact: Jan 802-263-5458 or



Submitted by Brenda Carleton

For those of you too young to remember Bob Hope, ask your Grandparents. And thanks for the memories. I HOPE THIS WILL PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND IN YOUR HEART (It is a) Tribute to a man who DID make a difference.

On Turning 70 - 'You still chase women, but only downhill'.
On Turning 80 - 'That's the time of your life when even your birthday suit needs pressing.'
On Turning 90 - 'You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.'
On Turning 100 - 'I don't feel old. In fact, I don't feel anything until noon. Then it's time

for my nap.'
On Giving Up His Early Career, Boxing - 'I ruined my hands in the ring. The referee kept

stepping on them.'
On Never Winning an Oscar - 'Welcome to the Academy Awards or, as it's called at my

home, 'Passover'.
On Golf - 'Golf is my profession. Show business is just to pay the green fees.'
On Presidents - 'I have performed for 12 presidents and entertained only six.'
On Why He Chose Showbiz for His Career - 'When I was born, the doctor said to my

mother, Congratulations, you have an eight pound ham.
On Receiving the Congressional Metal of Honor - 'I feel very humble, but I think I have

the strength of character to fight it.'
On His Family’s Early Poverty - 'Four of us slept in the one bed. When it got cold, mother

threw on another brother.'
On His Six Brothers - 'That's how I learned to dance. Waiting for the bathroom.'
On His Early Failures - 'I would not have had anything to eat if it wasn't for the stuff the

audience threw at me.'
On Going to Heaven - 'I've done benefits for ALL religions. I'd hate to blow the hereafter

on a technicality.'

Your 2010-11 Chapter Officers and Directors:

President - Clayton Hoak- 299 East Stage Road, Pittston, ME 04345 (207) 582-3224;

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Vice President- Peter Mullin- 200 Stanford Street, South Portland, ME 04106 (207) 767-6080; email -

Secretary/ Treasurer- Allen Higgins and Paula Hersom - 15 Bridge Road, Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 442-0701; email -

Director- Erv Bickford- Dirigo Restorations, Yarmouth, ME 04096 (207) 846-8662

Director- Mike Gladu- 302 Center Drive, Orrington, ME 04474 (207) 825-4729;


Director- Tom Heald- 10 Goudy Street, South Portland, ME 04106 (207) 799-5318;

email (Note new e-mail address)

Director- Lars Ohman- 6 Antique Drive, Sabattus, ME 04280 (207) 375-6515;


Director- George Sprowl Sr. - PO Box 220, Searsmont, ME 04973 (207) 342-5818


May and June 2010 Schedule of Events

(See April Newsletter for Full Season Schedule of Events)


May 1 Antique Express Annual Open House, Searsmont, ME contact George Sprowl @ 207-342-5818

May 2 ATCA Western Massachusetts Chapter Annual Antique Truck Show. Polecan Products (formerly Harding Industries 147 North Main Street, South Deerfield, MA. Contact Fred Chase at 413-863-8634 or Craig Gaudry @ 413-863-2131

May 14-16 Granite State Chapter – ATCA Spring Truck Tour – Quechee Gorge, VT area Contact: Don or Marilyn Smith (603) 664-9761

May 16 31st Annual Bonny Eagle Car Show – Standish, ME

May 22-23 Pine Tree Chapter Annual Spring Tour – Rumford area and west. Contact: Allen Higgens @ (207) 442-0701

May 23 1st Annual Hillcrest Farm Antique Truck Meet – River Road Windham

Contact: Adam Libby @ (207) 894-5067

May 27-29 ATHS National Convention and Truck Show. Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA. see Wheels of Time for more information.

May 29-30 Owls Head Transportation Museum Out of the Barn: Truck & Auto Show. Contact the Museum @ 207-594-4418 or visit their website –

May 31 Annual Memorial Day Parade, Searsmont, ME 10:00 am sharp Contact George Sprowl @ 207-342-5818

June 6 ATHS Ocean State Vintage Haulers Annual Truck Show. Johnson War Memorial Park , Johnson, RI Contact: Joseph Pingitotre II @ 401-692-0095

June 6 ATHS Metro Chapter 20th Annual Truck Show. Automatic Switch Company, Florham, NJ 9 am to 3 pm Contact: 973-726-4586

June 12-13 ATCA Connecticut Yankee Chapter, Bethlehem Fairgrounds Route 61, Bethlehem, CT Contact Pat Archiere @ 203-790-4186

June 12 Maine Antique Power Association 37th Annual Show – Skowhegan Fairgrounds, Skowhegan, ME Contact: Joe Kelley 207-862-2074

June 18-20 ATCA Annual Truck Show & Flea Market, Macungie Memorial Park Near Allentown, PA Contact: ATCA (412) 366-0392.

June 16-20 Watson’s Water and Wheels, Naples, ME Contact Lars Ohman (207) 375-6515

June 27 ATHS Nutmeg Chapter 22nd Annual Truck Show-& Flea Market Brooklyn Fairgrounds, Brooklyn, CT Contact: John Raymond (860) 886-4621.

June 25-27 Maine Antique Tractor Club Farmington Tractor Festival. Info at or contact Glenn Dewitt @ 207-737-9206 or

July 5 Annual Front Street Shuffle – part of Bath ME Heritage Days; 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Contact Bath Heritage Days (207) 442-7291.




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