Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles
Boyertown, PA  August 25, 2022  page 3
Visited on my 1999 Trans Am retrieval trip - another great one!

They specialize in Boyertown Body Vehicles as well as Pennsylvania Built Vehicles

Their website is here

1920 Daniels D

1915 Biddle

1920 Packard

1928 LaSalle

1940 American Bantam

1923 Ace XP3

1952 Masano

Masano rear

Raleigh Bike Poster


Warehouse - Electric Vehicles


Warehouse - Reminiscent of a Pacer

Warehouse - Electric Rabbit

Warehouse -Boyertown Bodied Electric Trucks

Warehouse - Electric Mr. Freezie

Warehouse -Mars II

Warehouse -IH K

Warehouse -1927 Hahn

Warehouse - IH High Wheeler

Warehouse -1949 IH KB-3

Holmes 460E

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