Rose's Firebird Restoration - page 7


3/4/01 - starting under the floor on the right side


3/4/01 - Right side welded and skimmed with POR epoxy


3/4/01 - Left side read to start


3/14/01 OOPs - forgot the "before" pic. Here's the right side piece going in


12/26/01 - Another restoration season begins

Here's the right shock mount all in.


12/26/01 - Underneath view of Right Shockmount


12/26/01 - View from the Trunk


Got the left quarter off 12/28/01


1/20/02 - Can't show a pic of what I've been doing but here's the tools.

Wire brush on re-bar, wire brushes on flex rod, 5 foot extension on shop vac.

I'm cleaning the inside of the rockers. POR-15 was then applied - messy!!


3/13/02 - Working on the left side of the trunk. Back to the frame rail here.


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