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Chock Block Project - Latest Update
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"One of my greatest lines is if you want anything done just give it to the Maine boys and it will joyfully be done on time, under budget, without fanfare, and proud of their product.  Best to all down there"
Arnold - The Colonel  2/27/2012


The Chock Blocks are going for a ride! Perry Transporting is donating the use of their trtailer to bring the blocks to Springield!

A mild day with lots of production. 8 members sanded and quality checked most of the rest of the blocks. We have sent out what appears to be the last of the Springfield blocks.
Now for some interesting news:
In the beginning I did not think that we would get 1000 blocks with the lumber we purchased. However I did feel that whatever we got would be plenty for the show.
Before finishing we counted all of the blocks on hand and came up with the following amounts:
874 finished, 308 sent to the engraver, 23 sanded blanks, 154 blanks to be sanded, for a grand total of 1359 blocks cut!!!
Thanks everyone for a great project. Next week we will finish sanding all blocks and hopefully cut some wood for the sponsor blocks.
The blocks are cut and the boxes are overflowing!
As it turned out this weekend we did get the rest of the 4 x4's planed. I tried to get the word out to everyone that we would be cutting after all. If I missed you I am sorry.
With 10 people on hand, we ran one saw team,3 sanders, and of course the router.
BEST WORKER AWARD goes to 9 year old DANE LIBBY with DON MUNSEY placing a close second! ( I don't want to even guess how old that guy is!!!)
Blocks are now being sanded before being sent to The Sign Store for engraving. Today we sent 249 blocks to the engraver.
Next week:
Quality control on engraved blocks
Sand the remaining blocks
Discuss any outstanding issues
If Sponsor Block wood is on hand (a big IF) we may decide to cut those blocks. I will be checking a couple sources for some dry hardwood to make these blocks with.
I admittedly lost count but I am quite confident that we now have over 1000 blocks cut and almost half of those are already engraved. I feel that this should cover all of the trucks at the show.
Thanks to all for a good weekend.
See you next week!
Another great weekend. 210 pre sanded blocks were packed and shipped to the engraver with quite a few left behind. I am thinking our total block count is pushing 900. With the lumber we have left we will easily pass 1000 blocks. At some point we will discuss whether we will engrave all the blocks or leave some blanks until the date gets closer. I am expecting to do about 20-25 sponsor blocks in the coming weeks.
Next week we will try to catch up on sanding the blocks we have. We currently have two tabletop belt sanders that seem to be easiest to work with. If you have one that we can borrow for a weekend please let me know. We may focus more on sanding then cutting this weekend. One sawyer will be off this weekend.
Thanks for coming out this weekend (15 total) and being part of such a big day. Some of you travel quite a ways to be a part and I can't thank you enough.
Thanks to Arnold Briggs for coming up from Wareham, Massachusetts to see what we were up to and answer any questions we may have had.
Nice job guys
John Ellingwood Jr
In the meantime there is an ongoing discussion of the workshop on the ATHS discussion forum

Wrapping up 4/1/12

Let's count again  4/1/12

Final tear down 4/1/12

White  4/1/12

67 Travelall  4/1/12

Sanding Station #2 - 3/4/12

Sanding Station #3 - 3/4/12

Safety First - 3/4/12

Quality Control - 3/4/12

Last stick gets planed - 2/26/12 (photo submitted by J. Ellingwood)

Made the final cut - 2/26/12 (photo submitted by J. Ellingwood)

1 foot to go  - 2/26/12 (photo submitted by J. Ellingwood)

Concentrating to the end - 2/26/12 (photo submitted by J. Ellingwood)

Last one boys - 2/26/12 (photo submitted by J. Ellingwood)

Packing it in - 2/26/12 (photo submitted by J. Ellingwood)

Getting the day's instructions - 2/19/12

Ready to go - 2/19/12

Cutting Crew - 2/19/12 (Adam Libby Photo)

Overview of the action - 2/19/12 (Adam Libby Photo)

Everyone's busy - 2/19/12 (Adam Libby Photo)

Sanding Operation - Peter Mullin - 2/19/12

See Archive #2or Archive #1 for Previous Details