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Chock Block Project - Archive #2
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As previously stated this past weeks workshop was a quiet one. No safety protection required. We went through the finished blocks, sanded any rough edges, and picked out the bad ones. We ended up with 236 good blocks and 3-4 bad ones (split on both ends and probably would not make it to the show in one piece). Not bad considering my count of 238 that went out. I guess I miscounted at some point.
5 members altogether were on hand. We also loaded the lumber onto a trailer to be transported to Waterboro for planing. My Dad's planer planed it's last board a week ago. He bought a new one that reminds me of something you would see in a High School workshop. It runs off 220 volts so it needs to stay at his location. All of the existing wood that we had will be planed by this weekend. There is still about 284 feet of 4x4's left to our order from Higmo's.
This weekend I am expecting high attendance. Dick Brown of Hannaford will be bringing donuts and there is always coffee in the pot. Bottled water is also on hand as well.
I picked up 8 boxes of finished blocks today at The Sign Store in Auburn. They seemed to be a little busy working so I did not get much chance to talk to anyone. If you are not familiar with this store you need to go check it out. They have everything you could think of in the form of flags and signs.
 A repeat performance of last week, yielding somewhere between 230 - 240 blocks! We are exceeding all of my expectations with production rates, attendance, and sponsorships.
Thanks to everyone. (I am afraid I am sounding like a broken record when I say this). Thanks Charlie for lumber pick up and transport and Thank you Lars for block transportation. We have the first batch engraved and back to the shop. 
IMPORTANT:  Next week there will be no planing, therefore no blocks will be cut. We should have over 400 finished blocks at the shop that we can go over (quality control). A good day for some light sanding and an accurate count. If you need a break this is a good weekend to take it. I will be there as well as two others (Steve and Wayne). As always, everyone is welcome for a "laid back" work day. 
An article will be in the upcoming newsletter concerning the project and our progress. I am hoping no one feels slighted about us getting started without them. As I stated in the beginning I thought it was necessary to get started as soon as possible. Please relay that sentiment to anyone that may be concerned or thought to be left out.
Lars: I am available any morning this week to go pick the next batch of blocks up if this works better for you. I would really like to go see these guys at some point anyhow and personally thank them. I am sure they are ready to see some money as well. Let me know.
Nice job guys
John Ellingwood Jr
In the meantime there is an ongoing discussion of the workshop on the ATHS discussion forum

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